Balancing Parenthood in the Age of COVID-19

It is a very unprecedented time to be a parent. Especially with an infant or toddler. Daycare "germs" are already a thing -- as the children are still exploring through all of their senses and taste/feel is pretty high on the list as children bite and chew toys for comfort and curiosity. However, now we can almost drive ourselves into a panic trying to clean incessantly and manage our interactions outside of the home. Let's not even mention trying to work from home at a time like this. However, we must manage and for our sanity -- make the best of things.

At a time like this we must remove some of the screen time guilt. While trying to multitask an impossible amount of tasks we must use screen time as a tool for our little ones ages 2 & up. There is great programming on television that is educational and entertaining. I am a fan of SuperWhy and Word Party. When using the phone or tablet I use the BabyTV app to watch Charlie and the Alphabet Zoo. I also like the ABC Mouse app for learning and Duolingo ABC. The app that is famous for learning a second language also has a platform to help children read.

Then there's a matter of kids having a case of the snack attack! We know our children aren't starving all day but there's just something about needing a snack every 30 minutes that just feels right. I have learned to combat this with my unlimited water rule. Not only is this a super healthy option but it fills those little tummies right up. Paired with a few goldfish crackers and fruit. This makes for something easy and quick. I will blog about more fast and cheap snack options in a different post. The tricky part here is that we don't want to teach our children to eat out of boredom. So I try to stick to a schedule even when we are at home. This provides some structure and sets expectations.

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