Miss Alexis - Director

Sign: Aquarius 

Favorite Color: Pink

3 Words to Describe Me: Open-Minded, Humanitarian, Inventive

I have working with children for over 10 years. I was educated at Youngstown University where I studied Early Childhood Education with a minor in Dance. I began teaching at a Head Start Program and progressed to 1st and 2nd grade. It was my discovery here that if you don't set a foundation early on, the corrective steps become more difficult as time goes on. So, I have dedicated myself to the development of infant and toddlers, this is my contribution to Baby U. 

Miss D'Naesha - Floater 

Sign: Pisces

Favorite Color: Yellow

3 Words to Describe Me: Athletic, Sweet, Patient

I have been working in childcare for 6 years, because of my love for children. I was a mentor in the Big Brothers/Big Sisters Program for many years. However, the highlight of my career is coaching at my Alma Mater. I think dealing with teenage girls has given me more patience than anyone could imagine, this combined with my big heart and loving spirit is my contribution to Baby U!

Meet Our Staff

Miss Lanayia -- Freshman Teacher

Sign: Aquarius 

Favorite Color: Lilac

3 Words to Describe Me: Witty, Innovative, Unique

Before I became a full-time child provider, I worked at a stained glass warehouse where I also taught classes on different art glass techniques. I've worked with children since I was 12 years old, starting with Sunday school classes. 

My imagination, making learning fun and a deep level of understanding my children are my contributions to Baby U. 

Miss Courtney - Sophmore Teacher

Sign: Virgo

3 Words to Describe Me: Determined, Bubbly, Honest

I am a proud mom of two boys, ages 7 & 3, as well as a newlywed. I have cared for children since I was 13. I have 7 years of experience working in childcare. Even as a Lead Pre-K teacher - caring for and managing 12 children. I will begin my studies towards a Social Work degree soon. 

It is my pleasure working with, caring for, educating and mostly, LOVING your children. This in addition to my motherly instincts, craftiness and ideas are my contributions to Baby U! 

Miss India - Business Manager

Sign: Cancer

Favorite Color: White 

3 Words to Describe Me: Fun, Responsible, Mushy

Alumni of Michigan State University and Wayne State University, I am an accountant by day and mommy/aunt by night. I am the bridge between the parents and the staff. My job is to try to keep the balance and everything moving smoothly. On days i'm lucky, I get to spend time with the little ones. I love watching them learn and grow.

My contribution to Baby U is providing structure, balance and fun.